Reihan Company is a visionary and dynamic, small, for-profit provider of high quality mental health and disability services mainly to Minnesota’s African immigrant community.

Our vision is “to see African immigrant communities overcome the mental and emotional scars of war, displacement and adjust well in their new life in the great state of Minnesota.”

Clients learn of services through word of mouth, networking within the community or referrals from primary care clinics or other service providers.

Reihan Company currently provides ARMHS (Adult Rehabilitation Mental Health Services) and waivered services to Minnesota’s African immigrant and refugee populations.

Reihan has the 245D license issued by the State of Minnesota. Adult program goals include:

Develop and enhance psychiatric stability, social competencies, personal and emotional adjustment, and independent living and community skills.

Maintain stability and functioning if at risk of losing significant functionality or admittance to a more restrictive service setting.

Coach, assist, and support medication education and monitoring and basic social and living skills in mental illness symptom management, household management, employment-related, or transition to community living.

Specific target areas include basic living and social skills, community intervention, medication education and transition to community living services. Dependent on the client’s unique needs, they receive individual or group interventions in their own home, home of a relative or significant other, job site, drop-in center, social setting, classroom or other community settings. Services are not provided in regional treatment centers, nursing facilities, acute-care settings or sub-acute settings unless meet Minnesota’s rules for the transition to community living service requirements.